Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What would be your prayer to the Lord for the new year?

This is a question that all the believers in Christ have asked themselves before the end of 2011 and probably even in these first few days of the new year, 2012. What would be your prayer to the Lord for the new year? I asked this question on Facebook on the 31st of December 2011 and I had so many good prayers from my friends - so I was thinking to post them online here on the blog. You can also place a comment below with YOUR prayer to the Lord for this year - what is in your heart as a prayer to your Beloved Lord Jesus concerning year 2012? Oh, Lord...

What would be your prayer to the Lord for the new year?

  • That I would humble myself when I come to His Word to receive His speaking and shining.
  • Oh Lord Jesus, deliver us from self and save us to the uttermost, spirit, soul and body. Oh Lord Jesus, prepare us as Your overcomers to rule and reign with You! Oh Lord Jesus, we consecrate our lives afresh unto You, no longer I but only You Lord! Let Christ be expressed in everything. Oh Lord Jesus!
  • To open myself to much more to the Lord's grace for the sake of shepherding the younger college brothers.
  • That we would have a fresh love towards the Lord, to have a single and pure heart for the Lord. That we would see Him afresh, to have a controlling vision that would direct our living - for His body!
  • To pray more for his heart's desire
  • To pray more for Europe!
  • To realise that God has a need!
  • To enjoy Him more
  • Please come!!!
  • 'Lord Jesus, Your will be done in us!'
  • Lord, give me a heart for Your house!
  • Dear Lord, we allow You all work in us; become our true Reality and make us Your Testimony!
  • Dear Lord Jesus ... I only want to enjoy you MORE!!!
  • A deeper experience of resurrection life for the Body of Christ.
  • O Lord, deepen the pure flow of life! That we would give you the first place in all things!
  • To know Him and the power of His resurrection, being conformed to His death.
  • I was thinking about this question... It's good to "set goals" and bring them to the Lord, even "give them to the Lord to pass through death and resurrection". Lord, make Your heart's desire be my heart's desire, and may Your will (Christ and the church) be done in my life! Gain the building! Prepare the Bride! Come, Lord Jesus!
  • Jesus, take care about all saints in every city!
  • Lord Jesus, we consecrate ourselves to you to be your stepping stone for you to come back SOON. Do not pass me by. It's now. It's us.
  • Lord, may Christ be our life and the church as our living where we spend our time (in our mingled spirit). More spirit, more church.
  • Lord Jesus, be my new beginning each day of the coming year!
  • Lord Jesus, I need Your grace in this coming year. Make me into what You would have me to be. May I enjoy, experience and express You daily.
  • Lord, use me this year. Speak through me to those around me, so that they too may be saved.
I have omitted the names of the saints / my facebook friends who shared these prayers, and I may have not posted some of them. Concerning the last week / day and first week / day of the year, it is very good to be before the Lord concerning our life, our situation, our growth in life, our relationships, the things we have, our heart, out attitude, our accomplishments, our failures, and everything about us. Just to be open to Him - o, Lord... a new beginning with You! (picture source: Happy New Year)
[your comment / your prayer is very much appreciated :) ]

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